How did Ivory Pictures come about?


Hello everyone!!

So Alan and I are very excited to be starting our own wedding business finally!

It has been on the cards for years, but we never got round to it. I have been so busy with the studio and Alan with his commercial work. We are looking forward to working as a team together and meeting all the wonderful people!

A bit of back ground information I do a lot of fashion, beauty, e-commerce, lingerie & family shoots. I kind of fell into studio work and love the variety of opportunities I have had over the years.

Alans work has been mostly performers, artists, Dj’s, Tv personalities & commercial work. So we are from very different backgrounds!

It is very exciting times for us as a couple, starting our new venture as a married couple. We just got married in July 2015 & thats one of the main things that pushed us to finally venture into weddings.

Thanks for reading!



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