The ‘unposed’ posing…

Above I was capturing wedding dresses for a dress designer…

Ok so elephant in the room is.. Us ‘normal’ people don’t always feel quite as at ease, as a professional model in front of the camera and I certainly don’t make it look as easy as a professional model when I try to pose.

However, something I have learned from photographing both models and normal people (like myself) is that for ‘us’ ordinary people it is often just knowing how to stand, what angle to shoot from, what lighting to use, how your hair should be sitting. I would sure love to make it look as easy as a model does, but we do need a little more guidance for those incredible ‘unposed’ looking poses.

If you check out the photographs above, from a bridal dress campaign I shot. Model Olivia is moving in fairly natural poses and gradually moving as I shoot. I usually take some time with a bride, to let her get comfortable and get some really beautiful and natural images & I promise that when us ordinary people feel comfortable and get into the swing of being photographed you start getting such incredible images!!

Just remember setting aside time is important, so we can do this on your wedding day or on your location shoot. But your location shoot would be less pressure on you for your big day!


Thanks, Clare & Alan


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