Why dreamscapes?



Growing up, I certainly adored all sorts of disney princesses…

I guess we were all a bit hypnotised, by those glamorous cartoon fantasy lands that took us into a different world for a small amount of time.

Now that I am grown up, those worlds mean even more to me. I guess this is because we don’t get the same feeling when we watch them now. To me it has become a memory of how engrossed I would become in those movies. In the bath as Ariel, in the house as Jasmine & playing outside as Pocahontas.

So when Alan and I were thinking of ways to make our wedding options really different to couples this was what I thought would transend brides back into the world they once fantasised about…

& when is a better time to do it than on the most romantic day of your life….

We do this by photographing you in the studio & then photoshopping you on to another background. It sounds cheesy but the results are anything but cheesy. They look exceptional as wall art.


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