My most meaningful wedding photograph?


Let me tell you…

You don’t know what your most meaningful wedding photograph will be, until you have been married and get your photos back.

I assure you I am creative, so our lovely photographer Emma Lawson had her work cut out, with all my crazy ideas and props to use on the day. We had so much fun with the photographs and video.

Lets forget the favourite photo for a minute and quickly rewind to.. walking down the aisle..

Some people LOVE it, they are in their element. Me, not so much. I finally understood the movie ‘runaway bride’, you know that Julia Roberts rom-com. Anyway, not because I didn’t want to marry Alan (bless him!) I was dying to do that. Because, I was so aware of everyone watching me. I don’t like being centre of attention.

Back to my favourite photo… It was the one up above.. Literally the photo that I find encapsulates my personality, our relationship, my emotions on the day & my wedding day. That one moment was the most important photo because it is honest.

When this was taken, it was the first time I had been able to touch Alan (after the ‘kiss the bride’ bit) and it was a rush of relief, that I finally had him back in my arms & that he was now there to help me face my fear on the way back out & really, that was all I needed….


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