New fine art prints, Darkness, available in the Shop. Order one or few prints to make diptych or triptych compositions. Tiny women carry amazingly large bags, twice their eighty-pound weight. Some of the women carry babies in slings around front.

The ‘unposed’ posing…

Above I was capturing wedding dresses for a dress designer… Ok so elephant in the room is.. Us ‘normal’ people don’t always feel quite as at ease, as a professional model in front of the camera and I […]

Why dreamscapes?

  Growing up, I certainly adored all sorts of disney princesses… I guess we were all a bit hypnotised, by those glamorous cartoon fantasy lands that took us into a different world for a small […]

Makings of a Photo Shoot

  Photo shoots are so much fun, from fashion to families to weddings… It just never gets old. We love instagram here at Ivory pictures for behind the scenes photos & people love to see […]

Style it right…

I am sure ladies don’t need to be told about the importance of styling on your big day… I mean why else does Pinterest not leave our hand from proposal till the wedding day. I […]